My World

I have existed since the dawn of time. I embody the past and the future. I’m a midpoint in time between what is tangible and what evaporates, transforms, and evolves all at once.

I have existed since the dawn of time

Within me are the wisdom of the ages, the secret of traditions, the intoxication of discovery, and the contemplation of emptiness—of silence. I will lead you into a world where time stands still, like the ice on these immense frozen mountains. I will help you hear its cracks, like the laments of wood consumed by fire on a dark evening. I will help you savour the scent of dew on cherry blossoms and the aroma of fresh mint rubbed between your fingers.

But I have no age

I can conjure up a colour and lead you on a journey through its shapes, whims, and subtleties. I can tell you how a sensation smells and carry you off to other worlds. I can show you the moon and sun at once, as I need no stars to guide me. But I have no age. I am timeless and historical. I left the sandy moraines of the glaciers to skim the Scandinavian fjords and nestle under the rocks following the bora winds.

I am the source of bathing and the sun

I saw the Roman baths enveloping the bodies of exhausted athletes, and the mosques making water part of their sacred religion. I have acquired the keenest knowledge of wellbeing and beauty. I have gathered the best practices. I am the meeting of the elements and the discovery of time, the source of bathing, and the source of the sun.

Follow me to a world of infinite possibilites

Take a journey to the frontier of water, where all is lost and found, where you can fill up on emptiness, where everything takes on meaning and substance. As a witness to my origins, you will walk the earth and discover mythical body treatments and thermal experiences. Follow me to a world of infinite possibilities, from which you will emerge both serene and completely transformed.