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A glimmer shines through the deep, dark night that blankets the trees. It is there, carried on the whispering wind, that my existence inspires a passion as intense as the muffled tremors of the mountain. My story is timeless—it is written in the odysseys and spans the ages. You must read beyond the pages and between the lines to see that I am energy, patience, and wisdom.

Discover My Origins

Explore My World

Take a timeless journey to the centre of my world, dive into my waters, walk on my land, and experience a unique coalescing of contrasts. Delve into my story. Enter my complex to explore the best wellness practices and discover the secrets of eternal beauty.

Explore My World

A journey to the frontier of water

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Give the gift of an unforgettable journey with infinite possibilities. From my gardens to my rivers, this pass will take you to foreign shores, where comfort washes up on unknown lands, taking you to the depths of your imagination. Let yourself be carried by the current of my waters to find yourself, not knowing you were lost. Offer perfect synchrony with the self.

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The strength and uniqueness of my complex lie in the artisans and architects who are building my story. At Förena, Cité thermale, you are part of something bigger.