Benefits of Thermotherapy

I will lead you into a world where time stands still, like the ice on these immense frozen mountains. I will help you hear its cracks, like the laments of wood consumed by fire on a dark evening.

Benefits for the body

  • Reinforces the immune system, improves the body’s metabolism, and supports digestion through thermal shock.
  • Eliminates internal and external toxins from the body, cleans and tones the skin by dilating your skin pores through sweating.
  • Improves blood circulation thus relieving chronic muscle and joint pain such as rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Boosts athletic performance by increasing lung capacity through slower and deeper breathing.
  • Encourages better sleep.
  • Slows body aging.
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Benefits for the mind

  • Reduces stress by releasing endorphins, which leads to a sensation of lightness.
  • Induces deep relaxation by releasing endorphins, the well-being hormones.
  • Relieves mild depression and anxiety.
  • Eliminates fatigue through thermal shock, as this makes your body more reactive.
  • Improves memory and mental alertness.

You journey begins here

Give the gift of an unforgettable journey with infinite possibilities. From my gardens to my rivers, this pass will take you to foreign shores, where comfort washes up on unknown lands, taking you to the depths of your imagination. Let yourself be carried by the current of my waters to find yourself, not knowing you were lost. Offer perfect synchrony with the self.

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