Californian massage

At the edge of well-being, the scalding downpour of this immutable heat, falls quietly into the arms of silence.

Californian massage

This massage brings lightness and relaxation to the whole body, while soothing the mind deeply. The Californian massage’s maneuvers consist primarily in effleurages and long, fluid, enveloping movements. Suitable for those who are willing to reduce their level of stress, this massage helps to relieve chronic pains and is ideal to induce a profound state of relaxation that will inhabit the whole body.

Now included.
Enhance your relaxation experience with an aromatic essential oil of your choice. Discover their benefits.

* Towel and bathrobe included if treatment is combined to thermal experience.

18 years + to book a treatment

Massage of 60 or 120 min


for 60 minutes
$240 for 120 minutes

Price may vary based on selected options. 
The minimum age required for a massage is 18 years old.


Come to the edge of the waters. Let yourself be carried away by the blow of the winds, towards unknown lands tinged with stories and rituals inspired by Icelandic, German, and Russian traditions. Come learn the art of letting go through massotherapy, thermotherapy, and aesthetic care.

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Reflexology Massage

Starting at 120$

This feet massage is perfect for re-establishing the balance of the body by ensuring the energy flow through pressure points.

Reflexology Massage
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