Ode to the temerity of time, the vastness of landscape and the strenght of nature. Discover thermotherapy in its most purest form; the cohesion between fire and ice. I will guide you between its steep paths and its porous rocks to the hot terms, so that you can experience the well-being that comes from the discomfort of  icy water.

See the Icelandic world

The Förena experience

Discover three Iceland-inspired thermal experiences in the heart of my universe and abandon yourself to the comfort of the hot-water basins. Surrounded by the menhirs, you will enjoy a moment of peace and repose within the thermal vapours that will relieve your body and mind. 

This universe is composed of three Icelandic basins of different temperatures (water, hot, very hot), two cold waterfalls, two cold pools, and lounge chairs.

PITERAK thermal circle

Discover our massages

The blow of the Piterak will submerge you into a serene state of mind. Complete the experience with a massage and offer your whole body true well-being.

topographic line, texture

Discover our cares

Discover my natural cares inspired from the depths of the ocean and enjoy the healing properties of the oligo-elements and sea salt on your skin. Travel accross the physical and mental well-being of my complex to find yourself.

Abandon yourself, peacefully, to deep relaxation, in the hollow of the mountain, a relic of basalt and ice.