Natural Lifting Facial Treatment

With its easy pace, water overflows the grounds of time and allows silence to whisper its music.

Natural Lifting facialTreatment

Enjoy a natural lifting thanks to the glowing effect of our mask made of clay, marine polymers, natural origin calcium and sea fennel oil. This marine scented treatment includes a resurfacing multi-exfoliant, designed for smooth skin and to provide ultimate toning freshness. Modelling wax will also be used to fill the wrinkles on your face, neck, and cleavage, for optimal nutrition.

* Towel and bathrobe included if treatment is combined to thermal experience.

60 min treatment

18 years + to book a treatment


for 60 minutes

Price may vary based on selected options. 
The minimum age required for a massage is 18 years old.


Come to the edge of the waters. Let yourself be carried away by the blow of the winds, towards unknown lands tinged with stories and rituals inspired by Icelandic, German, and Russian traditions. Come learn the art of letting go through massotherapy, thermotherapy, and aesthetic care.

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Deep Hydration Facial Treatment

60 minutes | 135$

Eliminate all the impurities and toxins from your skin with a marine micro-sponge cleaning therapy and hydrate it deeply with the properties of Weaving Algae for a sublime, relaxed skin.

Deep Hydratation Treatment
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