Your body is ephemeral, but your skin and the layers of your iris encompass an immutable glow in constant ignition. Maybe this idea allows you to understand that beauty lies upon the energy that lives in you.

Soothing facial treatment

60 minutes | 100$

Protect your epidermis and provide it with comfort, freshness, and softness. This decongesting treatment is ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness and rashes.

Soin douceur

Salt Crystal Scrub Treatment

60 minutes | 100$

Enjoy a deep exfoliation with salt crystals to leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Soin exfoliation cristaux de sel

Deep Hydration Facial Treatment

60 minutes | 125$

Eliminate all the impurities and toxins from your skin with a marine micro-sponge cleaning therapy and hydrate it deeply with the properties of Weaving Algae for a sublime, relaxed skin.

Soin hydratation profonde

Natural Silhouette Treatment

60 minutes | 100$

Tone the curves of your silhouette naturally with an oligomer and slimming algae-based lotion.

Soin silhouette naturelle

Radiance Facial Treatment

60 minutes | 100$

Eliminate the dark spots from your skin and restore its radiance and luminosity. This facial care will leave your skin radiant, fresh and with an even complexion thanks to the vitamin C clay mask.

Soin lumière

Perfection Treatment

60 minutes | 125$

Refine your silhouette and eliminate cellulite with this express intense care for fast results in the abdominal area, the buttocks and thighs.

Soin perfection

Purifying Facial Treatment

60 minutes | 100$

Detoxify your skin with a deep cleansing for a healthy matte skin.

Soin purifiant

Leg Treatment

60 minutes | 100$

Take care of your tired legs and give them a feather-light sensation thanks to a refreshing, decongesting gel.

Soin des jambes

Natural Lifting Facial Treatment

60 minutes | 125$

Give your face, neck, and cleavage a natural lifting treatment with marine-based polymers and sea fennel oil, designed to provide the highest levels of freshness and glow.

Soin lifting naturel

Remineralizing Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

60 minutes | 125$

Restore your skin’s radiance and freshness thanks to this remineralizing anti-aging treatment ideal for skin that has lost its elasticity.

Soin anti-âge reminéralisant

Gel Polish Manicure

75 minutes | 85$

This treatment will give you smooth and beautiful hands as well as healthy looking nails. You will enjoy a forearm wrap and a manicure with a Shellac nail polish of the color of your choice.

Soin des mains - Shellac

Facial Care for Men

60 minutes | 100$

This skincare treatment for men is ideal to reduce wrinkles in one visit.

Soin visage pour homme

Spa Pedicure

60 minutes | 70$

Treat yourself to a full foot care for beautiful healthy skin and nails.

Soin des pieds, pied dans l'eau

Förena Holistic Care Treatment

90 minutes | 125$

Get away to well-being and travel to unknown lands. This relaxing moment will restore your emotional and physical well-being.

Soin holistique Förena, fleur de lavande

Sea Body Wrap Treatment

60 minutes | 100$

Detoxify your epidermis with a exfoliation and a seaweed wrap treatment, which will invigorate the tissues of your skin, while removing fat.

Soin enveloppement marin

Gel Polish Pedicure

75 minutes | 85$

Give your feet the attention they deserve; enjoy an exfoliation and a massage as well as a complete treatment for nails. This treatment will be completed by a pedicure with gel polish of the color of your choice.

Soin des pieds - Shellac