I carry you to this world where discomfort, faced with the unknown, will give birth an unpredictable force within yourself. Contrasts of extreme temperatures come together to make you feel the most intense thermotherapy experiences. Only the bravest will follow me to these lands with indomitable landscapes, under which hide the gaps of your imagination.

See the Russian world

The Förena experience

Discover our Russia-inspired thermotherapy; defy the steam bath and the banya, and dive into the cold waterfall. Following this thermal cycle, you will find a more pleasant relaxation in our half-lighted relaxing room.

This universe is composed of a dry sauna, a steam bath, a relaxation room with beds, a cold waterfall and a cold pool.

Buran thermal circle

Discover our massages

The strength of Buran will shake you and take you to the limits of your endurance to later open up the space for unmatched well-being. Complete this breathtaking journey with a massage and offer your whole body true well-being.

topographic line, texture

Discover our cares

Try my aesthetic cares and discover the secrets of eternal beauty. Travel through the best practices of well-being and let your mind slowly drift off to the edge of silence.