The Thermal Cycle

I invite you to lose your bearings to find yourself. These are the three stages of a complete thermal cycle that will maximize the benefits of thermotherapy to your body.


Abandon your body to the scorching blow of rocks


This is the toughest stage of thermal cycle; the high temperatures will dilate your skin pores and your blood vessels, which will allow your body to eliminate every toxin in your system. The body, under the effects of heat, will try to maintain its normal temperature of 37 degree Celsius.


Breath in the intensity of the present moment


At this point, your body will be completely seized by the intensity of temperature contrast. Immerse yourself outright in the cold waterfall and stay there until you feel how the icy water enters your epidermis. The thermal shock will close your skin pores and will increase your blood circulation and your adrenaline levels.

topographic line, texture


Let your mind roam between the lines of your sleepy consciousness.

Adrenaline will pave the way for endorphins to flow all over your body; it’s pointless to cover yourself following the experience in the waterfall, as, for a few minutes, you won’t feel the difference of temperature. Lay down comfortably to allow your body to recover from this physical and mental test. Through deep relaxation, you will release all the accumulated tensions. It is capital to remain hydrated during this stage and give your body time to breathe a little before repeating a cycle.

Your journey begins here

Give the gift of an unforgettable journey with infinite possibilities. From my gardens to my rivers, this pass will take you to foreign shores, where comfort washes up on unknown lands, taking you to the depths of your imagination. Let yourself be carried by the current of my waters to find yourself, not knowing you were lost. Offer perfect synchrony with the self.

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