The Aufguss sauna is an original German ritual designed to maximize the benefits of thermotherapy through an intensified thermal cycle guided by a sauna master. Through choreographed towel movements, the Aufguss master will create a unique airflow that will circulate the suspended heat in the room.

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The sauna

Aufguss is a humidified and scented steam bath enriched with essential oils, poured into water that is spilled over the heated stones of the sauna. The Aufguss master performs the ritual in three cycles extended over a total of 15 minutes in the sauna. The cycles will become more intense to take the participants to extreme relaxation. During the last cycle in the sauna, the Aufguss master will provide participants with ice and frozen fruits to help them relieve the intense heat.

The cold bath

Following the completion of this sauna stage, the participants will immerse themselves in the cold bath to reduce the body temperature, which leads to a fever state, thus reinforcing the immune defences and releasing a huge amount of endorphins. The last part of the Aufguss ritual consists of taking a rest, relaxing and tempering the body.

The Relaxation

The last part of the Aufguss ritual consists of taking a rest, relaxing and tempering the body. Under the effect of the thermal shock, the body releases endorphins which generates a feeling of intense well-being, and considerably reduces stress. The blood circulation is improved, and the muscular tensions soothed.

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