FÖRENA Signature massage

And the sky, in all its immensity, looked at the moving sea, took a deep breath in, and abandoned the wavec of its cold wind.

FÖRENA Signature massage

Take part into a sensory journey that will lead you to the shores of slumber. To begin, let your mind travel and be transported to new horizons with a unique choreography performed by your massage therapist. Once your spirit in completely relaxed the massage will begin. Enveloping maneuvers reproducing the mouvements of the waves will help you to let go all the emotional and physical tensions. Small drops of hot oils will be poured your whole body, to make you notice the sensitivity of i each of your limbs. This massage is inspired by the techniques of lomi-lomi massage, shiatsu, and Californian massage, to help you reach a state of emotional balance.

* Towels and bathrobe included if treatment is combined to thermal experience.

18 years + to book a treatment

Massage of 60 min

140$ - 60 min

Monday to Thursday*

Friday to Sunday
$149-60 min

*Price may vary based on selected options, days and peak periods
The minimum age required for a massage is 18 years old.


Come to the edge of the waters. Let yourself be carried away by the blow of the winds, towards unknown lands tinged with stories and rituals inspired by Icelandic, German, and Russian traditions. Come learn the art of letting go through massotherapy, thermotherapy, and aesthetic care.

Explore thermotherapy
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Reflexology Massage

Starting at 120$ - 60 min

This feet massage is perfect for re-establishing the balance of the body by ensuring the energy flow through pressure points.

Reflexology Massage
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