How to prepare

Follow me to cross a world of infinite possibilities, which you will leave in a serene state, totally transformed. This is all the information you need before starting this journey.



To avoid burning, please take out all your accessories (jewelry, watches, glasses, etc.) before starting a thermal cycle. The temperature in a sauna may reach 100 °C, and you may experience a burning caused by heat transfer from the sauna to metal accessories.

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Take a shower to temper your body and dilate your skin pores. This will facilitate sweating and the elimination of toxins. Remove water excess from your body using a towel.



Stay hydrated all along the thermal cycle. It may be difficult to perceive the effects of dehydration during extended immersion in hot water baths. Therefore, make sure you have a water bottle at hand; drinking water promotes blood cleaning up while helping lymph purification.



Avoid alcoholic beverages and heavy meals before starting a thermal cycle. When sweating in a sauna, your body may eliminate 1,000 grams of sweat. Alcohol provokes the effect of narcosis over the nervous centres inhibiting the signals of the body system when it reaches its limits.

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The body is a temple; listen to it and respect your limits. If you start to feel sick, interrupt the thermal experience. Sauna therapy is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, depending on the condition’s severity. In case of doubt, consult your doctor.

Your journey begins here

Give the gift of an unforgettable journey with infinite possibilities. From my gardens to my rivers, this pass will take you to foreign shores, where comfort washes up on unknown lands, taking you to the depths of your imagination. Let yourself be carried by the current of my waters to find yourself, not knowing you were lost. Offer perfect synchrony with the self.

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