All our massages

Your body is a temple with an incadescent light that never stops radiating. Allow time for your energy to regenerate, quietly, under the murmurs of the winds. 

Californian massage

Starting at 100$

Calm your mind with the gentle maneuvering of Californian massage and give yourself a moment of relaxation.

Massage californien

Swedish Massage

Starting at 100$

Learn the art of letting go. The Swedish massage is ideal to induce a profound state of relaxation of the muscular and central nervous systems.

Massage suédois

Reflexology Massage

Starting at 100$

This feet massage is perfect for re-establishing the balance of the body by ensuring the energy flow through pressure points.

Massage réflexologie

Mom-to-be Massage

Starting at 100$

Recommended to women who are at least 12 weeks pregnant, the mom-to-be massage alleviates muscle and neural tension while providing a sense of calmness and serenity to the mom-to-be and the baby.

Massage femme enceinte

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Starting at 100$

The lomi-lomi massage is perfect for restoring the body’s balance while offering maximum overall well-being (it relieves stress, fatigue, headaches and tensions).

Massage lomi-lomi

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Starting at 100$

The lymphatic drainage massage promotes elimination of toxins, which helps fight skin fatigue while reinforcing the immune system. The maneuvers performed during this massage are smooth, slow and painless.

massage drainage lymphatique, racine

Therapeutic Massage

Starting at 110$

The therapeutic massage is ideal for individuals with specific muscle problems and athletes. The intensity of this massage is deep, which contributes to the relaxation of body and mind.

massage therapeutique, sommet de montagne

Deep Tissue Massage

Starting at 110$

The deep tissue massage is a therapeutic technique that promotes muscle relaxation through deep-seated maneuvers.
Let us guide you through these narrow walls of porous rocks, to the eternal depths, where the petrichor remains suspended in the air.

massage tissus profonds, falaise

Hot Shell Massage

60 minutes | 120$

Hot shell massage offers a full body deep relaxation thanks to the heat that penetrates the body, which helps release all the physical and mental tensions.

massage coquillages chauffants, ocean

FÖRENA Signature massage

60 minutes | 120$

Develop the consciousness of your body and emotions. This massage offers a soothing meditative sensory journey that will make you travel. Inspired by the techniques of shiatsu, lomi-lomi and californian massage, this treatment will take you to the shores of well-being, and make you discover an atypical relaxation.