Outdoor rituals

Practice the art of letting go at the foot of the mountain, where the breath of the forest waltzes through the vegetation to a melody of birdsong. The calm of our new outdoor space is yours to enjoy.

Förena Signature Yoga

Enhanced with essential oils representing Earth and air, this ritual is inspired by Hatha, Prāṇāyāma and Dhyāna yoga techniques. Meditate, breathe and stretch every limb of your body to greet the sky. Anchor yourself in the present moment.

Vibration Meditation

Immerse yourself deep inside to the sounds of our Vibration Meditation. Your guide will play a gentle melody on a variety of instruments, including the Tibetan bowl, crystal bowl and chime, accompanied by the echoes of the forest. Experience the purifying power of sound bathing.

Restorative Yoga

Soft and soothing, this yoga session focuses on deep breathing and light stretching movements. Performed in our outdoor space, this practice uses props such as bolsters and blocks.


Let the energy flow through your entire body. Use massage balls to release tension from the soles of your feet to the back of your neck. Learn self-massage techniques that you can add to your daily routine.


Give the gift of an unforgettable journey with infinite possibilities. From my gardens to my rivers, this pass will take you to foreign shores, where comfort washes up on unknown lands, taking you to the depths of your imagination. Let yourself be carried by the current of my waters to find yourself, not knowing you were lost. Offer perfect synchrony with the self.