forena experience

The Förena Expericence

The Traditions
of My Worlds

Defy the bold temperatures of my thermal complex, inspired by Iceland, Germany, and Russia, fully respecting the traditions that forged these countries’ iconic thermotherapy rituals.

I invite you to embark on a journey to the edge of waters; where everything disappears and reappears, where we thoroughly immerse in silence, there where everything gets its true sense and substance. Like a passenger of my genesis, you will walk my lands while discovering mythical body care and thermal experiences.

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Thermal Cycle

Abandon yourself to the blowing wind and explore comfort. Allow the gentle breeze of the Piterak to take you to Iceland; while the Foehn makes you experience the thermotherapy rituals from Germany and the Buran surprises you with its intensity.

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The Benefits of Thermotherapy

Discover the advantages of thermotherapy for the body and the mind; a cult of water with hundreds of years, designed to achieve relaxation and revitalization. In my complex, you will travel through iconic thermotherapy rituals and will discover the power of the thermal cycle on the organism.

How to prepare

Practice thermotherapy in a safe way to enjoy your journey to the frontiers of waters : follow these tips to know how to prepare and to better understand the effects of the thermal cycle on the body.
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Live the Aufguss experience

Aufguss rituals from Germany overflows with cultural wealth. Discover these well-being rituals that increase the benefits of thermotherapy, where the sauna becomes an authentic scenario for entertaining performances.

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