Artisans of my world, you will be the guides at my borders, showing the unexplored paths of my land. 

You will become stewards of my world

You will bring my legend to life beyond my walls, my plains, and my sky. You have the dependability of stone, the wisdom of wood, and the freedom of water. You are my balance, my support, and my breath. You will become stewards of my complex, bearers of my essence, my secrets, and my subtleties. I exist through your eyes. Can you see the vastness of my existence?

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Massage Therapists

You will provide massage therapy treatments according to Förena standards. You will welcome the client, review the health form, perform a treatment according to the technique requested and the client’s needs, accompany the client to the reception and replace the room for the next service.

You are a registered massage therapist and a member of a recognized professional association with a minimum of 400 hours training. Variable availabilities are required including evenings and weekends. Bilingualism required. Salaried or self-employed status

Several positions available.


You will provide beauty care for the face, body and nails according to Förena standards. You will promote to clients our SKYSPA services as well as beauty products used according to the needs of the clients.

You have completed a High school diploma (DEP) in aesthetics, combined with experience, and are recognized for your excellent customer service skills. Variable availability are required including evenings and weekends. Bilingualism required.

Several positions available.

Body treatments Supervisor

Under the supervision of the Spa Director, you will supervise an average of twenty massage and beauty therapists as well as thirty independent workers. You will ensure the smooth running of body treatments by ensuring that policies and protocols are followed according to the quality standards established by the company.

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Our installations are open except for indoor zones (saunas, steam bath and indoor rest areas). Reservation is required for all our services. Call us at 1-844-985-2500.